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How can you not know that Sam and Dean are "biological brothers"…. thats like all they ever talk about - “Family”, and the family business. You saw it in the first episode “take your brother outside and don’t look back, now dean go”. wow lol, are you sure you are a fan? 😂
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Have you ever heard of sarcasm???

Evidently not.

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3/endless Jared Padalecki


3/endless Jared Padalecki




Jared talking about a recent plane trip with his injured arm (x)

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You can not love one brother and not the other. You can’t. If you do, stop watching the show or start over, because you missed a thing or two. It’s not about shipping, about romance or anything else, it’s about two guys who mean the world to each other. And you can not claim to love one if you don’t love the other as well. Because then it means you don’t understand 50% of your character’s personality.

@ TexasBaseballtb : My dad sent me this  I’m not even in town  @ jarpad

 : My dad sent me this  I’m not even in town 

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